With more states taking the end of marijuana prohibition into their own hands, budding recreational and medical marijuana markets in America are witnessing swift and exponential growth, especially when it comes to recreational and medical marijuana display advertising.

Effective Cannabranding and Advertising Marijuana

As the public demand for cannabis increases through legalization efforts at the individual state level, cannabis growers and product manufacturers must now deal with a new urgency to answer the needs of millions of American marijuana consumers who have legal access to cannabis.

The urgency of demand coupled with the unique—and inevitably complex—challenges of bringing new products to a market that is still federally illegal, means that marijuana production facilities must approach their marketing strategy with a firm grasp of local laws and what digital marketing strategies.

Navigating the complex work of marijuana ads and cannabis advertising

Nevada’s most recent experience with eleventh-hour changes to cannabis advertising rules just days before recreational marijuana sales began, makes it clear state regulations are in constant flux even now.

Because regulations for cannabis packaging and display advertising are still evolving, ganjapreneurs have to tread carefully when it comes to how they sell their products while also trying to appeal to a growing consumer based through the use of effective—and relevant—marketing strategies.  

Put marijuana display advertising to work for your cannabis business

As a nascent—and federally illegal—industry, there’s no question that many cannabis companies let branding and packing of their products go to the wayside, at least at first. At first, producers struggled to find unique ways to launch their brand and build out a loyal customer base, while also meeting local and state packaging requirements.

Contrastingly, established industries like the liquor, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries have been leveraging extensive marketing campaigns with the implementation of innovative, digital marketing techniques to build and extend their brand’s reach.

Although the cannabis market is still young, entrepreneurs hesitant to invest in these strategies will find themselves struggling to compete with the cacophony of new brand voices entering the arena of marijuana sales, distribution, and production.

The role of packing when it comes to your cannabis products

By leveraging far-reaching digital and traditional marketing strategies with an innovative approach to cannabis packaging, branding and audience engagement, budding cannabis companies can set their brand up for future success and long-term brand recognition; to this end, the packaging of your product is key.  

While display advertising and packaging already play a large role in the marketing of traditional products, the legal ambiguity of the cannabis industry itself means that your package needs to serve a variety of functions.

The packaging for your cannabis product should serve to:

  • Position your brand
  • Enable your customer to EASILY distinguish between different products and product lines  
  • Attract both the veteran consumers AND first-time users
  • Satisfy local safety and packaging requirements

When designing your packaging, you also want to take your potential customer’s experience in mind. Be aware that customers are often inundated with so many different choices that they can—and will—become easily overwhelmed by the variety of flavors, products, strains, potencies, quality, and functions of different products.  

The slew of new cannabis brands and products launching in the marketplace means that the demand for safe, compelling and distinctive packaging from established vendors is enormous while the availability of decent options for cannabrands old and new, is still limited. Working with a cannabis advertising or marketing agency is one of the best ways to find a credible and industry-friendly packaging vendor.

Shifting perception through the re-innovation of cannabis branding

As Fortune noted in its 420 issue, public approval of the legalization of marijuana is at an all-time high. As the public’s perspective on marijuana use shifts, product packaging is playing a larger role than ever in shaping how both consumers AND governments perceive the safety and legitimacy of cannabis products.

A far cry from the Ziploc baggies and mason jars they were once traded in, the evolution in packaging for cannabis and marijuana products also means that cannabis companies are getting the opportunity to educate their customers while positioning their product to demand different (and higher) price points.

When designing the branding, packaging, and display advertising for your cannabrand, remember that, as the quality of packaging increases, so too does the customer’s perceived value—and how much they are willing to pay for a specific product.

Leverage Marijuana Display Advertising with Expert Innovators

Now more than ever, with more regulations to adhere to than traditional markets, implementing the right brand strategy can differentiate and establish your brand early. When it comes to advertising marijuana products or brands, it’s clear that packaging will play a critical role in the development of any voice in the cannabis industry. Perfect the pitch of your packaging with MaJor Group today!