Most business owners know that regardless of the industry you’re in, starting new ventures is a challenging endeavor. For companies in the cannabis industry, starting and building a company in a controversial—and federally illicit—industry can present all kinds of challenges. From walking on a legislative tightrope to managing advertising and public relations for your cannabis company, industry insiders will be the first to tell you of the unique hurdles a marijuana company must overcome.

Build Your Cannabrand in the Community with the Right Cannabis Public Relations

When it comes to the opportunity to develop and establish a legitimate marijuana operation, some of the biggest obstacles for hopeful entrepreneurs are imaginary ones lingering in the minds of the community. From fighting the ‘stoner stigma’ to sharpening and refining their advertising approach, as more businesses enter the arena, marijuana brands are looking to cannabis PR agencies to reach and appeal to legal marijuana markets.  

When it comes to ensuring your marijuana business is introduced to the community in a positive light, a friendly write-up from a local publication can do wonders to break any misconceptions neighbors, and community members may have about the cannabis industry. Good local press is also a great way to invite new customers or patients through your doors at the same time.

Make sure you have a brand story before you reach out to the media

Before inviting any news outlet to consider writing about your company, products, or brand, be sure that your story is worth telling. Fortunately, cannabis business owners like dispensaries, producers, and processors can leverage the dynamism of public relations to attract positive press the same way traditional businesses do.

Be newsworthy

Participating in or hosting local charity events to announcing noteworthy partnerships and promotions, and even becoming a member of your local chamber of commerce are all excellent ways for cannabis entrepreneurs to navigate the PR for their company. Once you’ve decided how your brand will reach out to the community, there are ways for your marijuana PR agency to ensure that journalists and the news media take notice of your company.

Research your local news outlets

Any good PR campaign includes a list of local—and national—media outlets. Learn from newspapers, radio, TV, online news sites, and prominent industry blogs; take note of how these outlets cover local business or lifestyle news, especially when it relates to the cannabis industry. It’s also helpful to take note of each publication’s unique writing style, the average length of their stories, the kinds of stories featured, and other factors that help your marijuana PR agency to provide a press release that journalists can easily feature or incorporate into their copy.

Get familiar with your reporters

Although every news outlet has a team of reporters covering a variety of topics, you will notice that certain journalists’ names keep appearing on cannabis industry-related headlines. Make a list of all of the journalists it would make sense for your public relations agency in Las Vegas to contact based on each reporter’s body of work. When preparing your press kit or news release, know which journalists specialize in whatever topics relate the most to your brand, mission, or announcement.

Write and send a press release announcing your promotion or event

After selecting the outlets and journalists you will send your announcement to, have your public relations agent in Las Vegas write press releases matching the tone of each outlet your campaign will be targeting.

When composing your press release for your cannabis business, make sure that the important information or timely details are the top of the press release and that contact information is noted at the bottom of the document so journalists can follow up with you.

Cannabis Public Relations by MaJor Group

The ability of your cannabis marketing agency to connect with the local press is especially crucial in an industry like the marijuana industry where stigmas still linger. Our team of dynamic marketers and experienced entrepreneurs knows what it takes to make your cannabis brand stand out from the rest—let MaJor Group light the way for your marijuana business today.