Web Development

Web Dev & Design Agency

Before you start any type of digital marketing for your business, you first need to leverage your owned media. This starts with optimized web development and design for your cannabis business.

Re-designing or starting from scratch? Make your website work wonders to rank higher on search engines and reach a larger audience on the web. Consult with the experts at MaJor Group, and find out how your website can work to bring more traffic in your door.

What Is Owned Media?

Owned media is your brand’s website, blog site, branded videos, or social channels that your audience is driven to. These allow your potential customers to interact directly with your business. Sophisticated brand and web development will help you stand out, reach a larger audience, and create more customers.

MaJor has an extensive team of designers and developers to craft the right website and owned media for your brand. We provide proven project plans and customized solutions for any owned media project.

MaJor Group will consult with you and help you with:

  • Full-service brand development
  • Site structure and functional design
  • Content development aligned with brand guidelines
  • Custom responsive website development
  • Production site launch and cannabis SEO setup
  • Ongoing web maintenance


12 + 9 =

To truly optimize your site with the best practices in SEO, your marijuana business’s website needs to be full of quality content. If not, search engines will have nothing impressive to read. It could cause them to rank your site lower than other, more successful sites. Learn how your business can benefit from content marketing.

Web Development and Content

The underlying process of content marketing is relatively simple to explain. You must tell a story through your content. If the story you tell is interesting to you, it will most likely be interesting to others. Simply put–you need to be good at talking about yourself.

At MaJor Group, we have dozens of content marketing experts to help tell your story. Through the process of interview, research, and content creation, we consistently turn you into an industry thought leader. We’ll create original, compelling, in-depth, and consumable content for your:

We can also help you more successfully contact your strategic partners and share content to aggregation websites. At MaJor Group, we put you in a position to absolutely dominate the marketplace.

The biggest hurdle in quality content marketing is finding the time it takes to do it right. The MaJor Group content team has the expertise to make sure your content, be it blog articles, press releases, video blogs, video commercials, infographics, or on-site content all are created to ensure your story is told in the best possible way.


We live in a digital world. There’s no running from it. That’s why your cannabis business needs to be ready to reach your target audience where they are–on their phones! 

Mobile-friendly Website Development & Design

Modern mobile marijuana marketing (yes 4 M’s) takes on several different forms:

Mobile app: One of the most personal experiences you can make with your customers occurs when they allow you space on the springboard of your smartphone. However, mobile apps must truly service your customer. The days of building a mobile app that has instant success or niche appeal have passed.

Today’s app users want something helpful, something they can use every day. Modern Internet users have no patience for a mobile app that is ineffective or unattractive. At MaJor Group, we have access to some of the best and most effective mobile app development resources. Combined with a mobile marketing strategy, our developers and brain trust can help turn your marijuana mobile app into a success.

Mobile web: More than just making sure all your web properties are mobile-responsive and super fast, your marijuana company needs to be listed on the dozens of mobile directories. These directories will serve results to mobile users and connect them to existing apps (both in the marijuana industry and traditional location services). All this comes into play while you’re positioning for an effective mobile marketing strategy.

Consult with a Web Development Agency

MaJor Group has expertise in all these areas of digital and mobile marketing. Our agency can guide you or help you develop a website that drives customers to your store or convert them online.