Text Marketing

Brand and Dispensary Text Marketing Services 

As a cannabis vendor or distributor, you often wonder how to drive sales, increase average order value, and boost customer walk-ins. Marketing cannabis products can be a challenge, especially if you operate in a competitive environment.

At MaJor, our experience tells us that SMS marketing is one of the most effective strategies that companies like yours can implement to drive revenue growth. Today’s consumers live in an advertising-saturated environment and are hard to reach through most channels, including email, social media, and your website.

The Benefits of SMS Marketing Are Many

Evidence suggests that SMS offers a potent marketing outlet for your firm. Potential customers are much more likely to open and read SMS than they are other advertising channels, enabling you to deliver timely and location-relevant information.

Increase Customer Walk-Ins

Like any cannabis vendor, you rely on customer walk-ins to drive sales and purchases. With SMS marketing solutions, boost the number of people visiting your store by sending marketing messages at the opportune moment.

SMS is an inherently mobile marketing solution: SMS is where mobile communication technology began. Use minimally-intrusive SMS messages to provide customers with updates about your product, encourage them to take advantage of snap sales, or target them at times of the day when they are most likely to buy based on previous behavior.

Increase Average Order Value

Many cannabis vendors are beginning to realize that one of the best ways to increase average order value is through text marketing. Use SMS marketing services to deliver enticing offers and deals to customers to encourage them to make bigger orders.

Some ideas include:

Buy two, get a third half-price.
Get 20 percent off when you spend more than $50
Save 15 % when you sign up for a monthly order

Deliver Marketing Material Instantly

Got an offer that just can’t wait? Want to shift stock? SMS messaging enables you to deliver marketing messages to customers at top speed. More than 90 percent of your customers will receive a text message within three minutes.

Use Direct Messaging

Text messages give you the ability to deliver pertinent messages to customers without any distracting, extraneous information. At MaJor, we help you design the kinds of messages that will grab customers’ attention and entice them to make purchases.

Make Marketing Simple Again

Today’s digital marketing landscape is complex. You wish there was a simple way to communicate with customers while at the same time taking advantage of mobile platforms. SMS gives you the best of both worlds: access to your mobile client base while being inherently simple to use.

Generate More Leads

With help from MaJor, you can get tailored assistance to generate more leads from your existing contact list. With carefully designed news and offers, you can appeal to a much wider audience and shift more products.

MaJor provides SMS marketing services and strategies to drive customer walk-ins and increase average order value. Talk to us today about how you could use our text marketing to drive sales at your dispensary.