Social Media Marketing

It’s not a strategy. It’s a channel.

As the digital age advances, so does the way businesses notify their target audience about new products and services. Check out how MaJor Group can help your cannabis business improve its social media marketing.

Does My Business Need Social Media Marketing?

The simple and clear answer is yes. More and more, people of all ages are turning to social media to learn about new products and services. Platforms like Facebook are making it easier for businesses to create ads, track insights, and market their products online.

MaJor Group will coach you and help you optimize your social media profiles. To start, every business needs to be on at least these primary social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

MaJor knows the best practices for marketing.

Because marijuana use is not legal across the nation (yet), there are certain requirements the cannabis industry must follow when posting content online. At MaJor Group, our experience and expertise mean we know the best practices for your company.

After we optimize your social media profiles with the correct branding, up-to-date contact information, and a snippet about your company, we will make sure your profiles stay active with the best social media marketing practices, including:

  • Engagement with potential customers
  • Quality content posted on a regular basis
  • Industry hashtags to gain more reach
  • Engagement (follows, likes, shares, retweets) with industry influencers to build relationships and backlinking partnerships

Social Media Marketing for Your Cannabusiness

Getting your company active on social media is a must. Contact the team at MaJor Group to learn more about how your profiles can bring more potential customers to your business.