Email Marketing

From B2B to B2C Email Solutions

Traditional marketing is making its way out the door to make room for newer, more efficient digital marketing tactics. When marketing for your cannabis business, you must follow certain rules and regulations to stay legal. See how MaJor Group can help with our email marketing services.

Email Marketing Consultants

Looking to reach your target audience on a more personal level? Send them what they need straight to their inbox through email marketing automation. With email marketing, you have the power to reach your customers in a more personalized way than traditional tactics.

Categorize your existing customers and potential customers depending on their spending habits, how they find you, and more. Then, through regular emails, give them quality content and special deals specific to what they want and need.

The best part about MaJor Group’s email marketing automation? Once your content is set up properly, our software will do the dirty work for you. You’ll have content circulating to your target audience without even lifting a finger.

All You Need To Grow Your Marijuana Marketing

Contact the team at MaJor Group to learn more about our marijuana marketing services. We’ll help you apply the best practices to reach a larger audience and grow your business’s success.