Cannabis Advertising

Experienced Agency to Manage Your PPC and Display Ads

Paid media, aka display and PPC advertising, for the cannabis industry is tricky terrain. Government regulations limit the way cannabis businesses can market their products and services.

MaJor Group has extensive research and years of marketing expertise under our collective belts. We’ll bring developed strategies and compelling creativity to the paid media terrain to get the brands we work with visibility to the right audience. We manage your cannabis advertising from idea to execution, relieving the pain of the industry’s restrictions.

What Is Cannabis Advertising?

Advertising is external, paid placement marketing that includes PPC, display network, social paid, and branded promotional content to drive the success of your SEO

Utilizing lifestyle content providers, display networks, and branded promotional content with influencers, we can customize campaigns to reach the best audience for the best return. We stay on top of industry guidelines, so our clients can rely on our expertise. This way, you can focus on running your businesses without the marketing headaches.

Discover the different types of cannabis advertising.


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Targeted Display Advertising

It’s a common misconception that display advertising is not appropriate for smaller businesses because it doesn’t perform on a smaller budget. However, when display ads motivate users to act immediately, it is just as likely to take the form of a search as an ad click. This shows that just because users are not clicking on the display ad does not necessarily mean that the ad is not directing users to your brand.

With data-driven targeting and retargeting abilities, display ads have become more effective and accurate in helping businesses of all sizes reach their target market. New real-time bidding technology has also made the ad buying process easier for smaller and less experienced ad buyers. In combination with search engine marketing, targeted display advertising can help you boost business by driving conversions.

Types of display ad targeting

Secondly, you need to decide which type of targeting will best help you reach your target customers. Targeting typically falls into two categories:

  • Inventory Targeting: This is when you place your ads on certain types of sites. This can include sites based on content (types of content your target market is interested in) or demographics (demographic groups that closely match your target audience).
  • User Targeting: These types of targeting help you reach specific users, including behavioral (reach customers with specific online interests and actions) and geographic (reaching customers in specific locations).

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Affinity Advertising

Affinity advertising is often known by different names: loyalty marketing, partnership marketing, social influencer marketing, and even affiliate marketing.

Utilizing a proper affinity marketing program with your marijuana business can be one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. Essentially, you’re capitalizing on existing audiences to get your message out to more people. When it comes to online marketing, the power of an existing audience is second to none.

Getting like-minded individuals to talk about you, your products, and your business can be one of the most positive ROI with your business. Affinity advertising in the marijuana industry is going to be essential to any brand, (established or upcoming), that needs to find its audience.

This budding industry is full of half-truths and perceived “experts.” The collective intelligence of the marijuana community about consumption, product types, and effects is going to take a quantum leap in the upcoming years with the availability of recreational marijuana.

Making sure you’ve got access to the biggest and best audiences will ensure your business’s long-term success in the marijuana industry.

Customized marijuana advertising strategy

Paying to promote your business is easy, but turning those advertising dollars into comprehensive campaigns that fit your target audience takes finesse. MaJor combines data, research, lifestyle knowledge, thought leadership, and our relationships with paid media partners to develop the most beneficial campaigns.

MaJor Group will consult with you and help you to:

  • Develop a singular voice across multiple verticals for holistic and creative ad copy
  • Optimize your website for proper paid media conversions
  • Develop campaign strategies that align with your goals and KPI’s
  • Develop ad copy and full creative for all verticals
  • Provide data and comprehensive reporting for campaign performance

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