Las Vegas welcomes one of the largest gatherings of cannabis professionals, the Marijuana Business Daily’s 6th Semi-Annual MJ Business Conference. As the fastest growing semi-annual trade show in America, MJ Biz Con 2017 Vegas is the place to be for professionals looking to make the most of the green rush.

MJ Biz Con 2017 Vegas Lights Up in Sin City

The biggest and most established national cannabis tradeshow, the MMJ Business Daily’s MJ Business Conference, draws tens of thousands cannabis industry professionals to the Las Vegas convention center for the second year in a row. This year’s attendees will include more than 14,000 marijuana industry leaders, investors, and hundreds of exhibitors.

Leverage the experience of others to grow your MJ Business

The although the MJ Biz conference is considered the most important trade show of the year for the cannabis industry, MJ Biz Con Las Vegas 2017 is also an opportunity to learn from the best in a variety of industries. With keynote speakers like former Executive of Tesla Motors, Apple Computer, and Gap, George Blankenship, the MJ business conference gives marijuana professionals from around the world the chance to learn from other industries. With more than 650 exhibitions, this conference is also an excellent place for businesses to showcase their latest innovations, newest products, and offer their insight to the hurdles facing different sectors of the cannabis industry.

Design a Plan of Action for MJ Business Conference

MJ Biz Con Las Vegas 2017 will be drawing in more than 14,000 attendees and 650 exhibitors in addition to 110 speakers and nine different workshop and networking tracks. Depending on your resources, invest in defining your goals and doing some footwork before even hitting the convention center floor. As an entrepreneur, professional, or investor in the cannabis space, you should have a plan of action that addresses your goals for coming to MJ Biz Con.

Create a conference map

Fortunately, MJ Business Daily has an interactive floor plan and exhibition list so you can flag ventures you are interested in. If you identify critical partnerships, take the time to reach out beforehand and schedule a chance to meet. After you’ve reviewed the list of exhibitors, go through the event’s agenda and flag the workshops or sessions you want to attend. As one of the year’s biggest gatherings of cannabis professionals, don’t forget to look into parties and after-hours events. If you’re able to send multiple team members to MJ Biz Con 2017 Vegas, delegate responsibilities, networking goals, and agendas so your firm can connect with the right people. Use this ‘conference map’ as your guide through the conference to prevent mismanaging your resources during the event.

Be an A+ workshop student

Although MJ Biz Con 2017 is an incredible opportunity to connect with your peers in the cannabis industry, education is still a central part of the mission of MJ Business Daily and MJ Business Conference. Fortunately, learning is networking at a conference. When reviewing the agenda, try to attend educational sessions that pique your interest and further your business goals. Take notes during the session, stay engaged and, if possible, take a moment afterward to thank the speaker for his or her time. After the conference,  make it a point to email those speakers whose sessions resonated with you. Thank them for their insights and complement the learning opportunities that stood out to you. Authenticity goes a long way and forging these connections is still an essential part of business strategy in the cannabis space.

Stay active on social media during MJ Biz Con 2017 Vegas

While making face-to-face connections with fellow professionals and investors in the cannabis space is important, large industry gatherings are also a hub of social media activity. Make sure your company and brand stay visible by following and using #MJBizCon on all main platforms (or those that fit best for your firm). Make sure you let your audience know where you’re at, who you’re with, and what you’re learning. Tagging other businesses or entrepreneurs and posting photos of the event will help boost engagement on your posts, too.

Are you ready to get cut off?

Although Las Vegas is a 24-hour town, think twice before relying too much on constant, high-speed internet access. Although the Las Vegas Convention Center does offer free basic wi-fi, the sheer volume of attendees and exhibitors means that bandwidth will be in limited supply. Even if your cannabis marketing is mostly digital, make sure that you have a means of showcasing your work or services without high-speed internet access. Printed materials like business cards, pamphlets, and other items are also good to have on hand. If you have been working with a cannabis marketing firm, you may already have a curated file of digital materials or a showcase presentation pre-loaded onto your smartphones or tablets.

Know where to go for the after party

As marketing and cannabis professionals, we know that some of the best partnerships get kicked off at social gatherings— MJ Biz Con 2017 Vegas will be no different! With the pre-conference week starting on Nov. 13, there will be opportunities galore for after-hours fun, especially in Sin City. One of the fastest-growing industries in the country, the cannabis industry is powered by a dynamic array of professionals that include ancillary services firms like marijuana marketing firms, lawyers, cannabis CPAs, and business investors. Making connections with elite professionals during after parties or special events is particularly essential for those looking to develop relationships with investors. You may also want to consider joining a professional organization, like CLAB —Cannabis Law Accounting and Business—to establish your firm’s position as industry leaders.

#MaJorIgnite MJ Biz Con Las Vegas 2017 for Your Biz

With much of our understanding of cannabis obscured by archaic laws, the MJ Biz Con 2017 Vegas is a crucial connection point for entrepreneurs and professionals seeking networking opportunities in the cannabis space. As a newly legal market, the marijuana industry is growing at a relentless pace; make sure you stand out among our industry’s best and brightest by MaJor Igniting your brand with our marijuana marketing firm.