Though the fight to end federal cannabis prohibition is still being waged on Capitol Hill, the wave of cannabis decriminalization and legalization sweeping through the country means the cannabis space is professionalizing faster than ever.

Cannabis Branding: Shine a Light on Your Craft

Even as the network of state-approved cannabis markets grow in scope, breadth, and reach, cannabis patients and businesses are still trying to craft an image free from the stigmatization surrounding stoner culture. For a cannabis business, tapping into the right brand story will be essential for long-term growth and brand recognition.

Despite federal hurdles, growth still characterizes the cannabis industry

2017 has turned out to be quite the year for the cannabis industry; both in America and around the world. As cannabis markets consistently outperform even the most hopeful market predictions, market demand continues to increase, especially in the US.

As one contributor to Forbes noted, legalized marijuana sales are growing “so big and so fast” in America that the cannabis industry will have to supersize its operations to meet demand. Cannabis also enjoys bipartisan support from the voters and patients alike; time and again, citizens have made it clear that as far as public opinion is concerned, the people want their weed.

Pay homage to cannabis culture in the right way

While many in the cannabis industry are looking for ways to professionalize and ‘civilize’ the mainstream perception of cannabis consumers, it is important to acknowledge and honor the efforts of those who have brought us this far.

Although most cannabis companies are borne from a compunction to help medical marijuana patients, make sure that your business engages with the community and looks for ways to provide education and access to cannabis patients. Especially for cannabis businesses, building trust is essential; start on the right foot by incorporating respect for the plant and those who have fought for our right to access it.

Education and advocacy are fundamental to this approach—when designing your company’s particular approach, be sure to keep the needs of your patients in mind. For example, as public consumption lounges have yet to be fully realized, consider creating marketing materials to help your patients know when and where it is legal to consume your products.

Engaging with the legislative sphere at local and national levels is another crucial move to make to ensure that the best interests of patients and cannabis businesses are protected as legalization efforts progress.

Educate through your marijuana marketing

Telling a good story is the cornerstone of most marketing campaigns, but when it comes to cannabis marketing, quality storytelling is even more critical. Because of federal prohibition, cannabis sales straddle the worlds of medicine and recreation, meaning that cannabis producers and distributors are educators, too.

One brand that has taken the mastered the craft of selling and healing with cannabis, is Sweet Grass Kitchen. Founded in 2009 as a strictly medical dispensary, Sweet Grass Kitchen’s commitment to their patients through creating quality product has planted their award-winning sweet treats in more than 300 different stores in Colorado.

The education of inexperience consumers is shaping up to be one of the most consistent and delicate challenges facing the burgeoning cannabis industry. Because most markets are regulated on a state-by-state basis, the marijuana marketplace can get extremely confusing for veteran consumers, let alone those who are new to cannabis.

To that end, it is crucial for the business to understand that their customers need to be educated when it comes to understanding dosage measurements or the differences between different kinds of cannabinoids.

Remember that cannabis is as dynamic as its consumer base

Although education and advocacy are crucial to sustaining the growth and the credibility of the cannabis industry, marijuana consumers are an eclectic bunch—which means that you may want to consider working with expert cannabis marketing strategists when it’s time to define your voice and brand story.

From brands that celebrate stoner culture classics to an increasing array of craft and luxury cannabis product lines, the future for cannabis businesses is bright—as long as they can connect authentically with the right audiences. From ‘stiletto stoners’ and ‘civilized’ smokers to Battle Born brands, crafting a strong brand identity is essential if you want your cannabiz to get recognized.

Craft a classier brand voice with a cannabis marketing

Developers of cannabis businesses and brands are more familiar than most with the unique opportunities for growth lingering in every aspect of the cannabis industry. As strict regulations, lab-testing standards, and craft cannabis brands become a reality for the marijuana industry, and cannabis products are steering further away from the stoner iconography and mason jars of yesteryear; putting an onus on modern marijuana producers and cannabis marketers to craft a product and a story that consumers can recognize and trust.

Medical marijuana marketing campaigns are particularly crucial in this realm, especially when it comes to advocating for safe and legal access to cannabis in restricted markets.

Cannabis Branding with MaJor Group

Working with an agency can help you define a cannabis marketing strategy with a strong brand voice that will set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Stake your claim on your brand’s space in the cannabis industry with MaJor Group.